Beijing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment is the solely nonprofit legal Association established with
the approval of the Beijing Municipal Government. Out Association consists of various foreign invested companies and provides special services to them. Under operational supervision of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, our Associationhas such missions as providing services to member enterprises, developing member enterprises, maintaining members’rights and interests and playing a role of bridge and link between government and enterprises.
With the support of the Beijing Municipal Government, our Association has been playing a positive role in the aspects of improving investment environment in Beijing, responding to foreign companies’ concerns, promoting communication and cooperation between members and governmental agencies, explaining laws and regulations, effecting formulation of government policies, dealing with complaints and disputes of companies, assisting to handle difficulties of member enterprises, maintaining legitimate profit during the past twenty years since established. It has formed an all-round web system providing services for enterprises with foreign investment and overseas investors and received welcomes from most enterprises with foreign investment in Beijing.
Our Association takes good advantage of the superiority of Beijing as the capital of China and international metropolis, and actively improves the continuous profit and quick development of foreign invested enterprises by offering professional and goof-quality services for overseas investors and enterprises with foreign investment in Beijing.